Welcome to Healing Tantric Massage Calgary


I am Shekina Loves.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to the deep healing of a “Sensations” Massage & Meditation Session.

You deserve it! I am Temple Trained in the Tantric and Energetic Arts by Olivia Jade of
 Red Lotus Temple of Canada  . I’m also trained and certified in Reiki and Energetic Arts by Russ Littau of The Healing Center . Click to view my other trainings and certifications 

First of all, my passion in life is sharing  with like-minded souls beautiful ways of awakening their sensual power. This energy is the Energy of Creation. I’m also a Reiki  Master and the two modalities work absolutely beautifully together!

Secondly,when we practice exercises  such as Soul Gazing, our hearts open to each other, to ourselves and to life itself. Having an open heart consequently increases the potency of any joy and pleasure present in your body. Sensations Tantric Massage Meditations, like the Blissful Breath Massage Meditation, can further increase these sensations.

Finally, I can offer you a Surrender Massage Meditation if you’d prefer a guided inward journey. This one can ensure you receive your healing by relieving you of any obligation you may feel to give back.

*Shekina translates as the Feminine Aspect of God or The Mind at Peace. Loving as either God, Goddess, or the highest aspects of Self does. An Agape Love. I call on the energy of  Goddess Shekina once Safe and Sacred Space has been established, thereby causing you to become blissed out, blessed, and made whole.