Experience Sensations

Meditations and Modalities                      

All sessions are experienced fully clothed, so please wear light, loose, comfortable clothing. Healing work can be done hands on, as well as hands off, all boundaries deeply honoured.


A spiritual practice used as a complementary therapy. Practitioners channel healing energy called ki, or scientifically, Extremely Low Frequency (E.L.F.) electromagnetic energy (approximately 30 Hz/second) through their palms. This can help speed healing of bones, and/or tissues, as well as to assist the body on its journey to balance on all levels. Spiritually speaking, it is flowing unconditional love, and seeing a person as already completely whole, and healed on all levels.


A Hybrid of The Taoist Micro Cosmic Orbit, and My Sensations Meditations, My Blissful Breath Technique will have you experiencing Peace & Bliss throughout your Energy Body to a degree you didn’t previously believe was Possible!


Get ready…. to experience….. Everything!

Sounds, vibrations, smells, warmth, humidity in the air, a light, slight breeze, a tickle, a tingle, candlelight flickering, a drums reverberation. Be present. Experience all without and within.


Affirmation Reiki is my own special powerful blend of different modalities,  I have done extensive research and experimentation with affirmation work, and the intense good it has brought me has been very validating for me. One day while doing Reiki work on my friend for their painful back, it occurred to me that I had an excellent pain control meditation I had been practicing myself for the last couple weeks. A light bulb went off and I asked them if they minded if I tried something new. They said “Go for it”. So I added the positive relaxing messages to the session that day, and a new modality was born! The great thing about Affirmation Reiki is, unlike Traditional Reiki, where the healing energy flows to all issues of your body mind emotions and soul, you can target the issue that you most deeply desire to release and heal, and have a concentrated flow of energy to that specific issue!


E.F.T. or Emotional Freedom Technique is a meridian based healing modality. Connecting through either tapping or simply touching certain specific energy points to release energy blocks, thereby releasing negative emotions and beliefs that do not serve us. Can be used to relieve physical ailments that have their roots in the emotional.


A meditation where your sight is focused inward, by the wearing of a soft blindfold. You may or may not choose to listen to binaural beats which help shift your brainwaves, slow your heart rate, and still your mind. This one can easily lead to Out of Body experiences!